You Are Not Here For Instagram

Right around the time the whole COVID-19 thing hit, I was feeling a little burned out on Instagram. I was spending too much time on it and not enough time interacting with the people in my inner circle.⁣

It was beginning to feel like work and, to be honest, I don’t know if I’m ready to come back. I like the engagement for the most part, but there’s this obligation I feel to respond to comments (because that’s polite and why wouldn’t you?), and then go comment on others’ posts (because that’s how you make friends on there).⁣

Woman hiking with corgi dog in wooded area.

But all that engagement was burning me out and, in the end, just what the hell are we doing here exactly? I’m not an influencer. Don’t care to be one either. We did a few paid promotions to see what it was like. Not for us, and what a shit show that racket is. Oy.⁣

Then the whole pandemic thing came. Luckily Andrew and I both have jobs we’re able to do remotely. But you know what? Working remotely means engaging with people largely by computer.

What once took a quick face-to-face chat to work out a small detail suddenly required either composing a wordy email or scheduling a Zoom meeting. It’s messy and takes more time.

At the end of the day, we just felt cooked. Shoot and edit photos? Nah. Post to IG and engage? Oh hell no.⁣

Outside of work, everything just seemed to take more time. We also got a puppy (who finally got his last round of shots and was able to go on his first hike yesterday, eeee!). Anyway, combine all of that, and there was no more time for Instagram.⁣

Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy running through grass and leaves.
Introducing Sloppy Joe, aka “The Slopster,” aka “LL Slop J.”

Maybe once things settle down a little I’ll be back more regularly. I think it’ll be sporadic for a while though.⁣

After a long hiatus, I posted these thoughts to our Instagram feed. It soon became clear that I wasn’t the only one feeling the grind. Here are a few of my favorite comments:

Totally understand.. post when you feel it .. IG is not life for sure .. IG is for us and we are not for IG 


I agree with you. Ig is time consuming. For people who do it for a living, I think it’s great. Other than that I don’t think it’s worth spending so much time on it. We need to control our ig instead of ig controlling us so you’re on the path Kat.


Totally understand Kat! That’s exactly what happened with me. I pop into Insta sporadically but yeah with the lockdown and working remotely, I’ve decided to spend my downtime walking in the park rather than engaging with more tech. Sending you lots of love 💕


Totally feel this! But so glad to know you all are doing okay! Did miss you. But I’ve also been suuuuuper touch and go on here, too! ❤️


Hope all of you are safe and happy. Drop a comment or don’t. I might respond or won’t, lol. But I love you all.⁣


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