Star Gap Arch

Probably the worst-kept secret in Red River Gorge, the (strangely) unofficial trail to Star Gap Arch is an easy hike with a huge payoff. There is a somewhat tricky descent to get to the ultimate reward, but most hikers shouldn’t have trouble navigating it.

Star Gap Arch Interactive Hiking Map

You can use this interactive map at the trail! Here’s how

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Star Gap Arch map GPX file

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Star Gap Arch trailhead.



 Hiking Time

2 hours

 Total Distance

2.1 miles

 Route type

Out and back




Allowed on 6 foot leash

 Sun exposure

Dense tree canopy




Ticks, destroying angel mushroom



 Kid friendly

Not really. Read below

 Hiking Star Gap Arch

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Then, tap the arrow icon on the map to show your current location and follow along.

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