Hiking Trail 1, Lodge Trail, Brown County State Park

Hike through land wooded with oak, hickory, sassafras, beech and maple on this easy .9 mile trail in the Abe Martin Lodge hiking trail network.

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Trail 1 (Lodge Trail) Interactive Hiking Map

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Trail 1 (Lodge Trail) map GPX file

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Trail 1 (Lodge Trail) trailhead. From the north entrance of the park, head south on Brown County State Park Road for 1.4 miles. Turn left at the sign for Abe Martin Lodge and follow the drive .8 miles. The trailhead is behind the lodge, but to get to it you must pass through the parking lot on the right and loop around on the one-way drive to the back. There is less parking behind the lodge but the spaces are usually not full. You will pass the trailheads for Trails 2 and 3 before reaching the start of Trail 1.



 Hiking Time

30 min

 Total Distance

.9 miles

 Route type



$7/vehicle (in-state), $9/vehicle (out-of-state)


Allowed on 6-foot leash

 Sun exposure

Dense tree canopy




Copperheads, timber rattlers, ticks



 Kid friendly


 Hiking Trail 1 (Lodge Trail)

Part of what makes this short trail great is that it ties into Trail 2 near Abe Martin Lodge. However, as of this writing (2020), the trail is not seeing its usual traffic because the nearby portion of Trail 2 that it connects to is currently closed due to major storm damage.

That’s certainly a shame, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do Trail 1, and the alternate route to Trail 2 (which can be found at the Trail 3 trailhead) isn’t far away.

The trail quickly descends into the valley before turning southwest and climbing Kin Hubbard Ridge over the next quarter mile.

Once at the top, the trail circles back to the valley before reconnecting with the main trail where you’ll head back to the lodge parking lot.

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