Woman hiker standing high atop sand dune overlooking vast Lake Michigan, Indiana Dunes State Park.

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Hiking is one of the easiest sports to enjoy, and yet it can also be as difficult as you want to make it. That’s why we love it.

From day-hikers to thru-hikers, we welcome you to Hiking Illustrated, where we aim to break down the best hikes in the most awe-inspiring corners of the world, from the popular and crowded to the unfamiliar and blissfully isolated.

Come for the interactive maps and detailed trail reports. Stay for the star ratings and sparkling banter.

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More than just hiking

Woman hiker displaying gifts for hikers Zomake backpack PowerTalkie off grid communicator in Wichita Mountains.

Best Gifts for Hikers

No hiking website would be complete without a gift guide for hikers. Here we provide our own field-tested picks for best hiking gear that makes the perfect gifts.

Plate of fried chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy and a biscuit, surrounded by side orders.

Best Damn Chicken Trail Guide

At some point between stomping trails you have to eat, right? Well the chicken trail of southeastern Indiana is a trail you hike with your face. Enjoy!

Instagram action blocked ban illustration showing Instagram logo behind jail bars.

Instagram Action Blocked – How To Fix It

We have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. Love it because it’s a great way to connect with friends. Hate it because of the action blocks, and we’ve gotten pretty good at getting them.