Friends Trail, Brown County State Park

This accessible quarter mile loop is the perfect introduction to hiking for the little ones as well as it is a route for hikers of all abilities to enjoy. Many who pass up this trail may not realize that it also contains one of the best views in the park.

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Friends Trail Interactive Hiking Map

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Friends Trail map GPX file

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Friends Trail trailhead. From the north entrance, head south on Brown County State Park Rd and follow for 2.1 miles. Continue on Horseman Camp Rd for .8 miles. Veer left at the fork toward the park office and fire tower area and park in the small lot. The trailhead for Friends Trail is just left (west) of the park office.



 Hiking Time

15 minutes

 Total Distance

.25 miles

 Route type



$7/vehicle (in-state), $9/vehicle (out-of-state)

 GPS Location

39.167343, -86.217341


Allowed on 6-foot leash

 Sun exposure

Dense tree canopy




Copperheads, timber rattlers, ticks



 Kid friendly


 Hiking Friends Trail

There isn’t much to write about this trail that is not self explanatory, but if you’re going to create a complete hiking guide to an area, you include the quarter-mile foot paths.

Dedicated in 2000, Friends Trail is a relaxing little loop that also has a cut-through in the middle if you want to get straight to the gorgeous vista hidden therein without interruption.

Oh, and don’t fret the elevation profile below the interactive map above – the histogram makes this trail look like it has a wild downhill slope in the middle, but it is in fact as flat as can be. No runaway strollers or wheelchairs to worry about here!

For additional fun, be sure to check out the nearby fire tower. You can also take a two mile hike from there on Trail 10, but there are better trails to explore in the park.

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To save battery life, put your device in airplane mode. GPS still works even without service!


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