Brum Woods, Batesville, Indiana

Brum Woods is a small network of well-maintained multi-use trails on the southwest side of the city of Batesville in Indiana.

Lena Brum (1900-1993) was opposed to Batesville development and denied many offers for her land, and she left the property to the city upon her death. In turn, the city honored her wishes for preservation and created a fine park for the public to enjoy.

Brum Woods Interactive Hiking Map


You can use this interactive map at the trail! Here’s how



Woman hiker crossing snow-covered foot bridge in a  forest in autumn.
During our visit in mid-November, we observed the last gasp of autumn before winter claimed the few remaining leaves still clinging to the trees.


Because it is a multi-use park, be aware of possible mountain bikers sharing the trails — using earbuds might not be the best idea here.

Also, be sure to put on plenty of bug spray in the summer months.

The city asks that you not use the trails if they are muddy.

Woman hiker spinning with arms outstretched in a soybean field.
Technically I’m trespassing here, but rolling soybean fields give me that ‘Sound Of Music’ vibe that whispers ‘spin around like a fool.’ And, to be totally honest, Andrew told me to do it. Nice going, Andrew.


There are two parking areas — one at the intersection of State Road 229 and Huntersville Road, and the other at the entrance to Lena’s Nature Trail (Trail #1) on Mulberry Street. Parking at the Mulberry Street lot will allow for an easy outer loop connecting route as shown in the interactive map.

Woman hiking in woods crossing a footbridge.

Because this is a lesser-known trail system without many online mapping resources, refer to the official city map below for the complete individual trail loops.

Map of Brum Woods.
Click image for larger map.

Happy hiking!

 Use this map on your hike!

Load this web page on your phone while you still have service.

Then, tap the arrow icon on the map to show your current location and follow along.

Tap the layers icon to switch between topo, satellite and other helpful map layers.

To save battery life, put your device in airplane mode. GPS still works even without service!


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