Hiking Profile Trail to Calloway Peak on Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina

Woman hiker resting on a rocky outcrop overlooking Blue Ridge Mountains at Watauga View, Grandfather Mountain.

Want to save a few bucks and don’t mind tacking on a bit more mileage to experience the incredible Grandfather Mountain? Then this is your trail.

For this trail report, we’re combining the last half mile section of Grandfather Trail to Watauga View and Calloway Peak, because there’s no way you’re simply going to turn back at the end of Profile Trail after you’ve put in so much work. And work you will, but it’s totally worth the payoff.

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An Unintentional Solo Hike In the Dark

Craggy Gardens, Asheville, North Carolina

Traveling light. Too light.

Before I met Andrew, I’d gotten comfortable taking long day hikes solo — partly to enjoy the peace and quiet of my own experience and partly because I had a hard time finding others who were willing to hike more than 2 miles at a time (thank you German thighs).  I’d head off on my own for hours, typically sending my friend Foz a “127 Hours text” saying where I was heading off to hike — a couple bread crumbs in case something went wrong.  Other than that text, my preparation was extremely minimal. I’d bring my cell phone and PERHAPS a bottle of water.

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