Footvolley: The Second Greatest Sport in Brazil

Is volleyball too easy for you? Why not try futevolei – the volleyball you play with your head and feet.

We stumbled onto this game at Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, and we were hooked.⁣

Futevolei (pronounced foo-chee-volley and Americanized to “footvolley”) is a combination of volleyball and association football (soccer to us Yanks), and it is uniquely Brazilian. It was actually invented right here in Rio. ⁣

At first we thought these people were playing regular beach volleyball.⁣

We were strolling along Ipanema sipping cold beers and watching the waves roll in, when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman catch a hard serve right in the face. Holy crap!⁣

But instead of everyone going “ooooooh,” the crowd cheered as the ball floated over to her partner who then spiked it with an inverted scissor kick. Double holy crap!⁣

We took a seat courtside and watched these athletes in total amazement.⁣

⁣I think it’s my new favorite sport – as a spectator of course, lol. The gorgeous backdrop of the Dois Irmaos mountains made it an extra special setting.

What a day. Have you ever made a cool discovery like that where you felt compelled to take a seat and watch for a while?

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