Trail One To Pinnacle Peak, Jackson-Washington State Forest

Don’t let the short distance of this hiking trail fool you. At Jackson-Washington State Forest, you’re in for a workout.


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Trail One trailhead. From US-50 in Brownstown, Indiana, take IN-250 southeast from town for two and a quarter miles. Turn left on Camp Road and follow one mile to the end of the road.



 Hiking Time

45 min round trip

 Total Distance

2 miles

 Route type

Out and back





 Sun exposure

Dense tree canopy




Copperheads, ticks, chiggers



 Kid friendly


 Hiking Trail One

Not only is this a cool little hike by itself, Trail One at Jackson-Washington State Forest is the perfect feeder trail for both northern and southern trail systems in the park.

Starting out at the CCC picnic grounds, the trail quickly begins to climb in elevation. Mind you, this is actually what is known as a fall line trail – a trail meant to get to a destination as quickly as possible – which unfortunately means you’ll deal with some erosion and loose footing.

Pinnacle Peak at Jackson-Washington State Forest near Brownstown, Indiana.
Pinnacle Peak.

It’s not that the Indiana Department of Natural Resources set out to make a bad hiking trail, rather this trail was made many years ago as the fastest route to the fire tower at the top of the hill. Of course, this method of trailblazing also creates a funnel path in which rain can collect and wash down.

After huffing and puffing the first quarter mile, you’ll be delivered to the fire tower – or at least what is left of it. Little remains but the footings of the structure.


From here the trail splits at a “T.” To the right, the route connects to Trail Two and the southern trail system. To the left, Trail One continues past Trail Ten and onward to the bald knob known as Pinnacle Peak.

Illustrating that the DNR is attempting to remedy what fall line trails it can, a new trail now meanders around the north side of the popular peak before delivering hikers to the rocky top, which is the perfect location for a picnic or quiet contemplation.

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