Trail 4, Rally Campground to Ogle Lake, Brown County State Park

Trail 4 at Brown County State Park in Indiana is a lesser-known trail that connects with popular Trail 7 (Ogle Lake) and ends at Trail 5 in the Ogle Hollow Nature Preserve. It begins at Rally Campground and winds through upland terrain to the headwaters of Ogle Lake before turning east to the Trail 5 junction.

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Trail 4 (Rally Campground) trailhead. Take Brown County State Park Road for 2 miles and continue onto Horseman Camp Road for another 1.5 miles. Continue straight onto Parkview Lane for .4 miles, then turn right onto Park Lane. Trail 4 begins across the road from the Rally Campground parking lot.



 Hiking Time

1 hour

 Total Distance

1.5 miles

 Route type



$7/vehicle (in-state), $9/vehicle (out-of-state)

 GPS Location

39.157026, -86.229804


Allowed on 6-foot leash

 Sun exposure

Dense tree canopy




Copperheads, timber rattlers, ticks



 Kid friendly


 Hiking Trail 4 (Rally Campground)

Trail 4 trailhead sign at Rally Campground, Brown County State Park.

Trail 4 starts out across from the Rally Campground parking lot and travels three quarters of a mile down the knobstone escarpment, dropping some 250 feet to Ogle Lake.

Once at Ogle Lake, hikers have a few choices to extend their routes as Trail 7 connects with Trail 11, and Trail 8 begins just across the parking lot at the Ogle Lake dam.

Trail 4 cuts through a lush forest with dense ground cover at Brown County State Park, Indiana.

While Trail 4 itself is a no-frills affair, it’s a perfect launching pad for a great day of hiking. Finish up at Trail 5, Ogle Hollow Nature Preserve, and loop back to the Rally Campground parking lot.


 Use map for real-time navigation

Load this web page on your phone before heading to the trail. Once there, be sure to put your device in airplane mode in order to save battery life.

Simply tap the map marker icon on the map to show your current location and follow along.

Tap the layers icon to switch between topographic, satellite and other helpful map layers. Be sure to check out the Heatmap overlay to see where others have gone before you!


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