Cowles Bog Trail – Hiking Indiana Dunes National Park

A woman in a colorful dress walks a sandy path in a grassy plain with Lake Michigan in the background.

A nearly private beach and stunning views of Lake Michigan and the Chicago Skyline await on this 4.5 mile hike through the charming forested dunelands in one of the United States’ youngest national parks.

Cowles Bog at Indiana Dunes National Park features diverse habitats and was one of the sites used in botanist Henry Chandler Cowles’ study of ecological succession — one of the driving factors behind efforts to save the dunes from commercial development.

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The Perfect Hiking Route at Indiana Dunes

Woman hiker standing atop sand dune overlooking Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes State Park.

If you’re visiting Indiana Dunes, you probably already know about the 3-Dune Challenge, but did you also know that the less-trekked Trail 9 (pictured above) was named best hiking trail in Indiana by USA Today? (Well, kind of — more on that later)

Our curated hiking route combines both experiences as well as the gorgeous shoreline with an easily-customized map for those wanting to hike shorter or longer distances.

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Navigating the Crowds and Summer Snow at Rocky Mountain National Park

Kat stands atop a rocky bluff overlooking mountains

Dear Rocky, we need to talk. I love you, but you’re a bit of a hot mess …

Poor Rocky Mountain National Park has a problem: it may be too beautiful for its own good.

In July, the nation’s fourth most popular park is inundated with visitors who want to experience the majesty and tranquility of the Rockies, and who can blame them?

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The Perfect Day On Maui’s East Coast: Hana to Kipahulu

Beach yoga in Hana, Maui

Driving nonstop from Paia Town to Hana in Maui can take two and a half hours one way. After diverting on short detours for Auntie Sandy’s divine banana bread, crawling through funky lava tubes and posing for photos next to glorious rainbow trees, there’s hardly enough time left in the day to do a proper hike at Waiʻānapanapa State Park. That is, if you intend to turn around and head back the same day. Some people might like that breakneck pace. We had other plans in mind.

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